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    lol wassup man. I just read that you left ucsd?

    I'm going to csu fullerton right now....gonna go back to cc like you too LOL

    what cc you going to man

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    Reply from DarkxKnightx007:

    yeah man,

    i got only accepted to my safeties which is pretty gay. I am at GCC right now and I have to take a boatload of courses over the summer cause my specific college at UCSD (ERC) had so many GEs and since they were special courses made for the college, they don't transfer anywhere else. But at least I still get units transferred since it is a UC, which doesn't really help haha. CC is not that bad, it is definitely easy and I'll probably be able to pull off a 3.82, since they combine my ucsd gpa and gcc.

    I've ran into a few people from Cal States who are going here just to complete GEs or to get a second chance at the UCs. I think you made a good decision, because you can definitely transfer to UCI , UCSD , UCD , UCSB with something like a 3.3, which isnt hard to get at a CC. You would need a 3.6+ to have some chance at UCLA / CAL.

    Well, good luck and use to see which CC courses transfer over and ask me anything about transfering if you need to. I've got my scheduled planned out for the summer and the next spring and fall semesters.

    I'm an Econ major btw.

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